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A short history….

Our CEO, Brad Parker-Hill, has been working in or with RTO’s since the mid 1990’s.  In 1999 he experienced the first Victorian User-Choice Funding cap which effectively stoped all growth to RTO’s receiving Government funding.  He witnessed the stress experienced by RTO’s who were unsure of their future.   So in 2000 Brad established B&C Training Services Pty Ltd, a company dedicated to finding students (both Government funded and fee-for-service).  His company signed up many thousands students throughout Australia, placing them with a large number of private and public providers.   However, not satisfied with the quality of training some of these providers were delivering, in 2002 Brad co-founded his first RTO – Accredited Training Institute Pty Ltd.

Accredited Training Institute ran successfully for several years running courses including Retail, Business, Information Technology and CIV in Assessment & Workplace Training.  In late 2004, Brads business partner decided to change industries, and Accredited Training Institute decided to shut its doors.

In 2005, Brad established Accredited Education & Training Pty Ltd (RTO 21639), primarily training CIV in Training & Assessment (as well as 10 other qualifications).  Over a period of upgrading the Training and Assessment qualifications for  staff at a large number of RTO’s and TAFE’s, it became apparent that many providers needed help with their assessment processes.  AET then started to release its Assessment Tools to the industry . . . . . and the VET industry embraced them with open arms!  Since then our team has developed over 1300 different Assessment Tools from 18 different Training Packages.  Our tools have been benchmarked as best practice by many organisations, and are continually passing audits.

In 2012, the RTO side of our organisation was renamed and sold, and AET has continued to focus on providing quality assessment resources .

In 2014, AET transformed into your one-stop-shop for all your RTO requirements.  We now offer Assessment Tools, Learning & Assessment Strategies, Learner Guides and a complete RTO Policy and Procedure System.

At AET, we do not aspire to be the biggest in what we do.  We just want to be the best.  AET continually strives to provide 1st class products, along with a 1st class service.

Our Credentials….

With over 20 years experience in the VET section, our lead instructional designer has:

  • high level expertise in training & assessment
  • extensive experience in all aspects of running an RTO (including set-up, marketing, training and management)
  • set up / consulted to over 100 private local, not-for-profit and CRICOS registered RTO’s throughout Australia
  • previously owned and operated an RTO in Victoria (Accredited Education & Training – TOID 21639) – 2005-2012
  • previously co-owned and managed Accredited Training Institute (RTO) from 2002 – 2005.
  • trained and assessed hundreds of students in Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (TAE40110, TAA40104, and its predecessor – BSZ40198)
  • assisted RTO’s with extension to scope in over 20 different Training Packages
  • Certificate IV Training & Assessment, Diploma of Training and Assessment, along 14 other qualifications (Vocational and Tertiary)

What our customers say….

At Accredited Education & Training, we take pride in delivering high quality products and services.  But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what many of our satisfied customers have to say.

Shruti Nargundkar  |  CEO – Education Access Australia

“A few years ago, when I was leading preparations to extend the scope of registration of my RTO Education Access Australia, a colleague from the industry suggested I use Brad Parker-Hill’s products.

Sourcing the D&A strategies, assessment instruments and other resources for several qualifications out of 3-4 training packages was a timely and perfect solution for the RTO, as the products were excellent, compliant with the regulatory requirements and user friendly.

Over the years, I have used and recommended Brad’s products several times and always benefitted from his ongoing service and the generous packing in of additional value by way of friendly and expert advice.

Working with Brad is always a very positive and rewarding experience and I have no hesitation in recommending his products and services to any RTO, organisation or individual.”


Nicole Bijlsma  |  CEO – Australian College of Environmental Studies

“Brad thank you for your feedback in relation to our assessment tools which you provided when our staff upgraded to TAE. Whilst our staff completed the training with a bit of reluctance (and lots of work!), we now see how important it is to get the tools right to ensure that we do the right thing by our students and, in addition, be able to pass an ASQA audit. Consequently we were one of the first RTOs to be compliant on all standards when we were audited by ASQA recently. Thank you!.”


Nancy Pavlovic, MAITD, MAIPM  |  Director – Pavlov Group

“As a seasoned L&D/VET practitioner I have seen the value and high quality of Brad’s training materials in use.  As an auditor I have audited numerous RTO’s (AQTF & ISO) with poor resources, and in my recommendations always identify the need for higher quality resources as an area of improvement.  I have, when my client’s asked for a trusted, reliable, high quality provider – thought immediately of Brad Parker-Hill.  Brad is an ethical expert at what he does.”


Ray Earl, Principle Education Consultant  |  Skynet Corporation Pty Ltd

“During my tenure as CEO of Danford College, I retained Brad to write assessment tools for the Advanced Diploma of Management.  His work is excellent, succinct and comprehensive.  Should the need arise; I will use Brad’s services again.”


Glenn Ryan, Senior Partner  |  Papas Ryan and Partners

“I am a compliance consultant and auditor of 14 years standing in the VET sector. My work involves AQTF, CRICOS and Funded Training services in all states and territories. AET provides assessment tools, learning and assessment strategies and advice to currently registered and prospective Registered Training Organisations. He is honest and hard working and meets his deadlines.

I have no hesitation recommending AET’s products to all of my clients because I know they are of a standard that is required to meet the expectation or regulatory bodies such as the VRQA and ASQA. The products are thorough and practical. AET stand behind their product 100% when it counts: at audit!

Standing behind the product, as AET does, means that any issues that are raised about the products at audit are addressed by the required improvements being made or an authoritative response made indicating how the product does in fact meet the requirements or the unit of competency and the registration standards. generally these responses are accepted in full by the regulatory bodies.

I have many clients who have successfully used AET’s products as the basis for the assessment tools used by their RTO.  The service level is excellent.”


Richard George  |  Deakin Prime

“Brad’s VET knowledge is extensive and up to date in what is a rapidly moving landscape.  The turn around time on my request was outstanding, and what he provided was first rate.”


Lee Perlitz  |  LP Training Consultancy

“I have worked with Brad on a number of occasions and have always been deeply impressed with his knowledge and expertise.  The work brad did for me was of the highest quality and addressed the very stringent compliance issues of the industry we are in – and all that at surprisingly reasonable rates.  If you are looking for top quality work, done on time and with a professional and friendly attitude, then I can most definitely recommend Brad Parker-Hill”


Victoria Absolon, Acting CEO  |  The Illawarra Business College

“AET Products (Assessment Tools) are an excellent supplier of quality assessment tools. My order was responded to immediately and the follow up service was second to none. Brad responded to questions raised during audit straight away – a great help during any audit process! The assessment tools were dispatched quickly for immediate use and were also in an easy format to allow us to customise the tools for our students.”


Oktay Yilmaz, CEO  |  Australian Learning Organisation

“Commencing in the RTO world can be daunting (well we found that out recently). There is so much to know, with so many varied sources of advice available and sometimes conflicting. It was actually quite comforting to find Brad Parker-hill from AET who has a wealth of knowledge in RTO compliance. The assessment tools provided by AET enabled us to get through the hurdles of the initial registration and meet the AQTF and registration standards. Brad is extremely skilled, knowledgeable, reliable, courteous and totally committed to his client’s success. His acumen and ability to communicate and coach, has provided us with the confidence to satisfy the registration requirements and grow the business the business at the same time. Thank you Brad, without you we could not have done it!! We look forward to having a long term business relationship with AET.”


Natalie Scott, Compliance & Tender Manager  |  Applied Training Services (NSW)

Applied Training Solutions has purchased AET assessment tools for the following areas: business, transport & logistics, printing, engineering and retail. AET assessment tools are outstanding quality as they directly align with the requirements of the designated Unit of Competence from the relevant training packages. The associated assessment tool mapping and clear trainer guidelines have ensured that the RTO is in a better position to risk manage a greater degree of consistency of assessments across its operations. AET provide a support service and turnaround time second to none! Applied Training Solutions worked with AET on a variation to scope which was quite significant in its range and demands. AET were not only able to meet every exceptionally tight negotiated deadline but also provided additional support in the process. I was able to consult with the AET team not only on the services they provide, but gained advise on additional services that go beyond the scope of their core business in relation to their clients.”


Ray Earl, CEO  |  Southern Cross College

“We purchased Financial Services assessment resources through Accredited Education and Training, and I am very impressed with both the quality of the products and the service provided. AET are quick to respond to any queries that are raised, and they provide full support. The format of the products has allowed for easy contextualisation to our client groups, which saves us a lot of time and money. We will be using AET for our future assessment tool needs.”


Julie Scardamaglia  |  One Steel Business Services – NEW RTO

“The policies, procedures, forms and assessment tools provided by AET allowed us to successfully negotiate the hurdles of a registration audit and we can now proudly call ourselves a Registered Training Organisation and deliver Nationally Recognised Qualifications to our many employees across the country. The quality of the materials provided ensured that building the structure required to meet the AQTF and registration standards was straightforward. In addition to the materials provided, the support received from Brad leading up to the audit made the audit process effortless and much less daunting than first expected. AET provided everything necessary to get through audit, which we successfully passed the first time – something I’m sure we could not have done without the help of Brad and AET.”


National Education  |  New RTO

“AET made the process simpler & less stressful than undertaking registration by myself – well worth the investment!!”


National Academy of Further Education & Training  |  New RTO

“AET took a potentially daunting experience in becoming my own RTO, & simplified the process for me. The policies, procedures and systems provided are thorough and easy to use. Thanks AET!”

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