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How much are you really spending on your learner guides?  $10 - $30 per book may sound cheap, but it soon adds up.

Finally, Accredited Education & Training is here to help.  We have teamed up with many professional and published authors to provide a suite of HLT and HLT07 Learner Guides that you can purchase in PDF format, and print on demand.  Best of all, each Student Learner Guide will have your RTO Logo on the front cover - the ultimate in branding!

Each learner guide has been written against the unit of competency and includes practice activities for you to use as formative assessment.  We have also ensured the answers for each practice question is available at the back of the book (but not listed in the contents), so you can choose whether to include them or not for your students.

Please note that all learner guides are by a range of professional authors, against the unit of competency.  They are not written to AET assessment resources, which are designed to be stand-alone summative assessment tools.


Each Learner Guide:

  • allows for unlimited reprints within your RTO
  • is branded with your logo (I mean, why advertise for everyone else?)
  • is purpose written to cover each unit requirement
  • includes practice activities
  • can be uploaded onto your secure student portal
  • is provided in PDF format


Check out our sample!

Sample HLT07 Learner Guide



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Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

$ 660.00

Provide CPR and Provide Basic Emergency Life Support

$ 990.00

Provide CPR and Provide First Aid

$ 2200.00

Provide CPR and Provide emergency first aid response in an education and care setting

$ 2200.00
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