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English as an Additional Language

The framework of qualifications in English as an Additional Language (EAL) is designed for the diverse range of adult learners who need to develop their English language proficiency skills in order to access a wide range of further education, training, employment and community participation contexts.  The language proficiency and cultural knowledge and skills levels at the different levels reflect the developmental nature of language learning and acknowledge that learners may need to access one or more courses in the Framework to develop and consolidate English language skills, cultural knowledge and prepare for entry to education or employment.

All AET EAL Learner Guides are fully mapped to the EAL Curriculum, and include formative assessment activities throughout each text.  Suggested answers to these activities (along with the unit mapping) are provided at the rear of the guide (but not listed in the contents page), allowing you to choose if you want them included or not with each print.

The EAL Learner guides work well with AET EAL Assessment Tools, or can be used as stand-alone learning resources for your students.

Please note that our learner guides are a one-off purchase.  This means you only pay once for your guides, and can print them as often as you like! 


Each Learner Guide:

  • allows for unlimited reprints within your RTO
  • is branded with your logo (I mean, why advertise for everyone else?)
  • is purpose written to cover each unit requirement
  • includes practice activities
  • can be uploaded onto your secure student portal
  • is provided in PDF format


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Sample EAL Guide


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