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A complete, practical RTO Policy and Procedures system (2015 SNR).

Are you worried about the new ASQA requirements?

Are you meeting your current ASQA and AQTF Compliance Requirements?

Don't waste your valuable time re-writing your current policies and procedures just hoping they will meet what will be required for your next audit.


The complete RTO Policies and Procedures system is:

  • Contextualised as required for ASQA and AQTF compliance
  • Fully supported through your first audit after purchase
  • Audit tested by our clients
  • Used by hundreds of Registered Training Organisations throughout Australia
  • Supplied as editable word documents for unlimited use within your RTO
  • Dynamic with hyperlinked contents pages and web references
  • Complete with over 65 pages of policies and procedures
  • Enhanced with 43 essential RTO, Staff and Student forms
  • Supported by a staff compliance kit containing organisation chart, duty statement and competency mapping tool
  • Student ready with an application / enrolment form, course brochures and a comprehensive information handbook
  • Flexible with enhancements available to meet your specific state regulatory requirements with ESOS requirements if you are a CRICOS provider
  • Great quality, at a very affordable price


Content includes...

  • 43 essential RTO, Staff and Student forms
  • Academic records address and contact details
  • Accounting records
  • Application and enrolment
  • Assessment and training staff
  • Assessment appeal process
  • Assessment of competencies
  • Assessment policy
  • Code of practice
  • College records
  • Compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Confidentiality & access to records
  • Continuous improvement
  • Data backup procedure
  • Fee payment
  • Financial management
  • General appeal process
  • Identifying learning needs
  • National Recognition
  • Notification to the Regulatory Authority
  • Orientation Program
  • Professional development
  • Recognition of prior learning
  • Records management & retention
  • Recruitment
  • Refunds
  • Staff monitoring
  • Staff organisation chart, duty statements and competency mapping tool
  • Staff recruitment, induction, review and development
  • Staffing Growth
  • Student application / Enrolment Form & brochure
  • Student attendance
  • Student behaviour
  • Student code of behaviour
  • Student complaints and appeals
  • Student information handbook


This is a Complete, Editable Policy and Procedure System


Check out our samples

Sample RTO Policy and Procedure
Sample RTO Form
Sample RTO Information Handbook


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ASQA - CRICOS - Policy and Procedures - including supporting forms and templates.

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ASQA - Local - Policy and Procedures - including supporting forms and templates.

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VRQA - Local - Policy and Procedures

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