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Why Use Us?

Let us provide three good reasons to use AET.

Quality Products. With over 800 RTO's, TAFE and Universities throughout Australia using our products, they are consistently going through audits and moderation. We have developed over 1200 assessment resources, each and every one developed from a request made by one of our customers.

Affordable Prices. All our products are competitively priced. Our Assessment Tools are provided in Microsoft Word format, and can be reproduced by the purchasing RTO as often as required. At only $275 per assessment resource why would you bother trying to write them yourselves?

Exceptional Service. At AET, we pride ourselves in providing service that is second to none. We are always available to answer questions, and to provide help and support wherever we can. And the best part is that our service is so priceless, that it is free!

What is Assessment?

Assessment is the process of collecting evidence and making judgements on whether competency has been achieved - to confirm that an individual can perform to the standard expected in the workplace, as expressed by the relevant endorsed industry/enterprise competency standards of a Training Package or by the learning outcomes of an accredited course. "

From AQTF Standards for RTOs

Principles of Assessment

The Technical Principles of Assessment are rules each RTO must follow when planning, conducting and reviewing candidate assessment. The 4 principles of assessment are detailed below:

VALIDITY |  A valid assessment will assess what it claims to assess.

AET Assessment Tools promote validity of assessment through:

  • covering the full range of skills and knowledge required to demonstrate competency.
  • sampling the range of skills and knowledge required to determine competency
  • including multiple approaches to assessment for every unit of competency
  • resembling the workplace through simulated or on-the-job assessments as appropriate
  • including mapping to demonstrate how the assessment tool assesses what it claims to assess


RELIABILITY  |  Reliable assessment uses methods and procedures that ensure the competency standards are interpreted and applied consistently from person to person and from context to context.

AET Assessment Tools promote reliability of assessment through:

  •  providing clear, unambiguous and well documented assessment tasks.
  • providing a consistent summative assessment approach for your assessors
  • collecting evidence from a range of locations and times
  • including comprehensive checklists for all practical assessments (unpacked from the unit requirements to resemble real vocational processes – to allow recording of observable behaviour)
  • including sample answers for all questions, allowing benchmarking against required competency levels


FLEXIBILITY  |  Flexible assessment ensures each candidate is involved in a participatory assessment process.

AET Assessment Tools promote flexibility of assessment through:

  • including a RPL process  for each unit (call us for more details)
  • allowing the RTO to modify and contextualise the assessment to reflect the students vocational needs


FAIRNESS  |  An assessment system and its processes must not disadvantage or discriminate any person or organisation.

AET Assessment Tools promote fairness of assessment through:

  • providing detailed candidate information for each assessment task (to help the candidate understand clearly what is expected)
  • ensuring equitability for all candidates


Rules of Evidence

The rules of evidence are closely related to the assessment principles and provide guidance on the collection of evidence to ensure that it is valid, sufficient, authentic and current.  The 4 rules of evidences are detailed below:


CURRENCY  |  Current evidence will ensure a candidate has the required skills and knowledge at the time of assessment, and the evidence reflects current workplace processes and equipment.

AET Assessment Tools promote currency of evidence through:

  • allowing for the recording of current skills and knowledge
  • using current vocational processes
  • referring to current workplace equipment
  • allowing for simulated and/or on the job assessments


SUFFICIENCY  |  Sufficient evidence will cover all the elements, performance criteria and required range of variables in the standards against which assessment is to be carried out.

AET Assessment Tools promote sufficiency of evidence through:

  • including a detailed mapping document to map all evidence collected to the full unit of competency
  • allows for multiple observations for practical tasks (as required) to ensure depth of evidence is collected


VALIDITY  |  Valid evidence will allow for consistent judgement for all evidence collected, both now and in the future.

AET Assessment Tools promote validity of evidence through:

  • allowing for the recording of all evidence
  • including comprehensive checklists for all practical assessments (unpacked from the unit requirements to resemble real vocational processes – to allow recording of observable behaviour)
  • including sample answers for all questions, allowing benchmarking against required competency levels


AUTHENTICITY  |  The evidence collected is authentic that is, it is actually derived from valid sources and is directly attributable to the individual.

AET Assessment Tools promote authenticity of evidence through:

  • allowing for direct observation of skills and knowledge
  • allowing the RTO to check submitted work for plagiarism (in accordance with your RTO policies and procedures)



  • How much do your products cost?

    Our Assessment Resources are all priced the same. $275 (including GST) per unit of competency).
  • What happens when there is a version change?

    At AET, we try to keep up with version changes. When we make an update to one of our products, you are entitled to that update for free (for the duration of the Training Package). Please let us know if you require any updates, and we will do our best to assist you.
  • What will happen if an Auditor does not approve the Assessment Resource?

    Our products are used by over 800RTO's (including TAFE and Universities) throughout Australia. As such, our products are continually going under audit - and yes - issues do arise. As we all know - the Auditing process is very subjective, and there is little consistency in this sector. No, this is not fair, and No, it is not right! However, it is a reality and we have to deal with it.

    In the event that your auditor does not approve one of our Assessment Resources, please contact us. We back our tools, and will work with you throughout the process. Our assistance may include rectifications as deemed suitable by AET staff, or a written response for you to use in your audit reply. Remember, AET is on your side!

  • What do I need to do with the Assessment Resources prior to audit?

    Whilst our products are very comprehensive, many auditors (especially ASQA) require evidence of validation and contextualisation. This can be achieved through:

    • having an industry expert look at the tools prior to audit, and provide written comments on their suitability to their business
    • thinking about who your client base is, and make slight changes (where suitable) to reflect your clients specifications (i.e. policies, procedures, systems, machinery, etc)

  • What other services does AET provide?

    AET can provide you with the following products and services:

    • Summative Assessment Resources - $275 per unit of competency (inc GST)
    • Learning & Assessment Strategies - $550 per qualification (inc GST)
    • PDF Learner Guides - from $660 per unit (inc GST)
    • Policy and Procedures - from $1595 (inc GST)
    • Consulting - guidance on start-up, extension to scope, compliance, etc
    • Professional Development for your team

  • What limitations are there on using AET Assessment Resources?

    We have kept our licensing fairly simple.  AET Assessment resources are licensed for unlimited reprints and contextualisation within the purchasing RTO.  We only ask that you:

    • Do not on-sell, gift or lend our resources to anyone outside the purchasing RTO
    • Only use the content for the purpose of assessing the competency in question

    It is important to remember that the intellectual property of each product remains with Accredited Education & Training at all times.

  • How long does my license last?

    Your license will last the duration of the Parent Training Package.  For Example, if you purchased Assessment Resources from the FNS04 Training Package, you cannot use these resources for any FNS10 qualifications

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